President – Tami Theriault

Past President – Martha Jenkins

Vice President - Jenny Cooper

Treasurer – Linda Schneider

Secretary – Vacant

Director – Elizabeth Varjassy

Director – Barb MacGregor

Director – Sigrid Orford

Photographer / Media Relations - Paula McLaughlin


Section Members

Section A – Baking and Preserves

Patti Morley

Section B – Flowers

Linda Schneider, Suzanne Boos

Section C – Needlework

Sigrid Orford

Section D – Fruit and Nuts

Jenny Cooper, Steve Hamilton

Section E – Vegetables, Eggs and Honey

Susan McNeill, Barbara McGregor

Section F – Handicrafts


Section G – Flower Arranging

Gayle Thomas, Carla Thresher

Section K / L – Photography / Junior Photography

Leanne Buzza-Garcia

Section M / N / P – Juniors

Maureen Barkley


Assisting in Other Areas

Trophy Master

Peter McLaughlin


Heather Manning


Vince Boyko

Volunteers at Large

Holly Jones