Section G - Flower Arranging

Section Members:  TBA

Floral arrangement should consist of fresh cut plant material in an appropriate container with a base, if necessary. Unless otherwise specified, FRESH materials must be used. Use appropriate greenery where possible. Dried refers to natural materials. NOTE: attend to the category details closely.

1. A Tudor Touch – nosegay or posy of herbs and scented flowers with foliage
2. Our Heritage – an arrangement representing any nation with flag, fresh flowers and greenery
3. Tea Time – an arrangement in a tea cup and saucer
4. Lasting Friends – an arrangement using only dried flowers
5. Double Double – two identical miniature arrangements, each one no more than 3” x 3” x 3” (7.5 cm x 7.5 cm)
6. Autumn Bounty – a basket with fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables
7. Celebration – an arrangement of fresh flowers depicting a holiday theme, festivity or celebration
8. Dining in Style – an arrangement of fresh flowers and greenery suitable as a centrepiece not more than 10” (25 cm) high
9. Name That Song – an arrangement representing a song title, accessories may be used, and the song must be named
10. Reach for the Sky – a tall vertical arrangement of fresh flowers and greenery
11. Decorated Hat – using dried plant material, seeds, grasses or flowers, etc., accessories may be used
12. Burst of Sunshine – an arrangement of sunflowers with greenery, accessories may be used
13. Smell the Roses – an arrangement of roses with greenery
14. In the Kitchen – an arrangement in an everyday kitchen container (not a vase)

15. Fall Favourites – an arrangement of fresh flowers and herbs, with greenery
16. Tiny Delight – an arrangement of fresh flowers not more than 3” x 3” x 3” (7.5 cm x 7,.5 cm)
17. Colour Expression – a monochromatic arrangement of fresh flowers in shades and tints of all one colour with greenery
18. Naturalistic – an arrangement using flowers and plant material found in the Okanagan
19. Little Gems – a round arrangement using fresh miniature roses and greenery
20. Shades of Green – an arrangement of foliage in shades of green
21. Simplicity – any three fresh flowers arranged with greenery
22. Desert Influence – five or more succulents in an appropriate container
23. Serenity – an exhibit in an oriental style featuring water
24. Wreath, Topiary or a Bonsai – using an Okanagan theme featuring materials of your choice in an appropriate container

Juniors (ages 12 years and under)
25. Toy Box – an arrangement in a toy
26. The Joy of Disney – an arrangement featuring a Disney character, accessories may be used
27. Frisbee Mud Garden – decorated with materials from nature such as flowers, seeds, leaves, twigs or stones

Don’t let the tall weeds cast a shadow on the beautiful flowers in your garden.

~ Steve Maraboli