Section K - Photography

Section Members:  Leanne Buzza-Garcia 250.300.7656

Guidelines for Prints, Mounting, and Entry Tags

Each print is to be unframed and mounted on 11” x 14” mat. An undersized mat is not acceptable. Display with single mat only in black or white; no coloured mats. Bristol board cut into 4 (four) squares or heavy construction paper works well. Recommended print size is 8” x 10”, 8 ½” x 11”, or 8” x 12”. The minimum size is 5” x 7”. Exceptions only in category #7, 8, 10 and 12 where print sizes may be modified to accommodate before and after prints, and/or where smaller photos are allowed and mounted on a single mat. All Photo entries can be either colour or black and white.

There is an entry limit of 4 entries per category to a maximum of 14 entries per exhibitor. Entry tags must show CATEGORIES ONLY on the outside. Titles and location of shots or special effects used may be written on the INSIDE of the entry tags. Please clearly print the category on the OUTSIDE of the entry tag and attach the entry tag to the bottom right-hand corner of the mat.

Be sure to code your entry tag accurately. C = Cell Phone; D = Digital Camera; S = Standard Film. Examples on entry tags, C5 = Pictorial by a Cell phone; D6 = Sports by a Digital Camera; S1 = Portrait by Standard Film.

Descriptions for Clarity

Portrait: One or more persons not necessarily in a studio setting. The subject should be posed and waiting for the photograph to be taken.

Photojournalism: Three to six (3-6) photos that tell a story. The story should have a beginning, middle and end. All photos are to be mounted on a single 11” x 14” mat.

Experimental / Enhanced / Special Effects: Two (2) photos mounted on a single mat. (1) mount the “original natural” shot and (2) mount the “enhanced/special effect” shot. The original may be modified by shooting in an unusual way or by computer manipulations to get the enhanced shot.

Photography (ages 18 and over)

1. Portrait or People – 1 or more persons
2. Animal or Insect
3. Botanical, Flowers, Plants
4. Experimental, Enhanced, Special Effects
5. Pictorial Scene
6. Sports or Action photos
7. Okanagan Agriculture – 1-4 photos

8. Photojournalism – 3-6 photos

9. Amusing subject matter

10. Family – 1-6 photo montage

11. Panorama – 4” x 10” or 4” x 12”

12. Theme “Roots & Shoots”, 1-6 photos

13. Architecture

14. Babies