general rules & Regulations

  1. No article may be entered that has previously been exhibited at the Peachland Fall Fair.
  2. All exhibits shall be made or grown by the exhibitor personally (unless otherwise specified).
  3. One entry only per exhibitor in any category (except photography). Each entry will be judged in a single section/category only. Note: Only one exhibitor’s name per exhibitor tag.
  4. Entry Fee: Adult Sections – $0.50; Junior Sections – $0.25. Exhibitor Tags for the exhibits may be purchased in advance at the Peachland Community Centre on Tuesday, Sept 3rd between 10am and 3:30; Friday, Sept 6th between 10am and 1pm and 5:30-8pm. In addition to these hours, exhibitor tags for FLOWERS AND FRESH FLOWER ARRANGING ONLY may be obtained on the Saturday of the Fall Fair (Sept 7th) between 7:30-8:30am. Note: To qualify for judging, Exhibitor Tags must be labelled with the correct category and filled out completely.
  5. All exhibits must be brought to the Peachland Community Centre between 5:30pm and 8pm on Friday, Sept 6th. FLOWERS AND FRESH FLOWER ARRANGING ONLY may be entered on Saturday, Sept 7th between 7:30-8:30am. Please fill out your tags before arriving at the centre to present your entries. As the exhibits are an essential part of the Fall Fair, they may not be removed until after the close of the Awards Ceremony on Sunday, Sept 8th. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  6. Exhibitors are responsible for filling out their own Exhibitor Tag and attaching it to their exhibit. Exhibits will be placed in the Main Hall by the Section Heads only. No admittance to the Main Hall by anyone other than the Fall Fair Committee Members. The general public is not allowed in the Main Hall during judging. Exhibitors must bring their items or convey them via a responsible representative and pick up their awards in a similar manner.
  7. Exhibitors will provide their own containers, plates, vases, etc. although there will be a supply of paper or styrofoam plates available for fruits and vegetables.
  8. The Fall Fair Committee will safeguard exhibits as much as possible but will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage.
  9. Entries will be accepted only from residents of the Province of British Columbia.
  10. Prizes will be awarded on the basis of merit and must meet Fair standards. The judge’s decision will be final in all cases.
  11. Cash Prizes (unless otherwise stated) are listed below and can be claimed during the Fair.
  • FIRST             $3         (5 points)
  • SECOND        $2         (3 points)
  • THIRD            $1         (1 point)
  1. The Grand Aggregate Trophy is awarded to the individual who symbolizes a well-rounded, high achiever, having earned the highest total points with points in at least three sections.
  2. Awards and trophies will be presented on Sunday Sept 8th at 4:00 pm
  3. Winners will be required to sign a release form allowing the Peachland Fall Fair to use their names for media promotion of the Fair. Junior exhibitors require a parent or guardian to sign the release form.
  4. We do not accept vendors at the Peachland Fair.
  5. For Fall Fair theme-based entries we are encouraging exhibitors to showcase beautiful works of art that reflect “Roots & Shoots”. This could be a new variation of an old craft or recipe or could be a newly developed crafting method.  Use your imagination and enter your “Roots & Shoots” themed entry into our 105th Annual Fair.