Section M / N / P - Juniors

Section Members:  Maureen Carey-Barkley 250.215.0259

Parents should refrain from the natural urge to help prepare exhibits. The judge can always tell and will mark accordingly. Where the age is requested, please use a “sticky note” that can easily be removed after judging. Please only write the child’s first and last name on the entry tag. Parents and Guardians are reminded to check the exhibit to ensure all personal information is removed or is properly covered during judging and displaying.

Be sure to code your entry tag accurately. M = Ages 8 years and under; N = Ages 9 years to 11 years; P = Ages 12 years to 17 years. Examples on entry tags, M7 = Drawing (Coloured), Age 7; N30 = Model from scratch, Age 10; P38 = Quilting, Age 15

As the display space is limited, we request that exhibitors please keep all entries to a reasonable size. Maximum size for all exhibits is 45 cm x 45 cm (18” x 18”)

Entries from past years will NOT be allowed. All entries will be judged for creativity, originality, and skill regardless of the number of entries in each category. Age-appropriateness can be a significant factor in awarding of prizes!

Container Gardening (must be grown in container)

1. Any plant grown from seed (must be started this growing season and be at least 1 month old)
2. Any flower, (or collection of flowers in pot)
3. Any vegetable or collection of vegetables
4. Any herb or herb garden

Creative Writing
5. Penmanship – Print or write Theme: “Roots & Shoots”

6. Drawing (Black and White)
7. Drawing (Coloured)
8. Painting (any medium)
9. Computer art (original)
10. Theme-based art/drawings

Creative Writing (hand-printed/written, must be original, may be illustrated with drawings)
11. Poem (up to 12 lines)
12. Short story – up to 1 page (about 100 words)
13. A real-life experience (something that happened to/or around you, place you visited) or my favourite (bear/pet/food/hobby, etc.)
14. A card (Mother’s Day, Valentine, Christmas, Easter, etc.).

Desktop Publishing (Computer-Aided)
15. Poem / saying / slogan – illustrated
16. Short story (original / fiction) – illustrated
17. Story (real-life – something that happened to/or around you – place you visited), my favourite (bear / pet / food / hobby, etc) – must be illustrated
18. A card (Mother’s Day, Valentine, Christmas, etc.)
19. Theme-based desktop publishing “Roots & Shoots”

20. Pressed flower arrangement
21. Handicraft (woodwork, pottery, soap carving, paper-mâché, etc.)
22. Jewellery
23. Recycled creations
24. Scrapbooking (1 page)
25. Hanging mobile
26. Theme-based handicraft

27. Collection: Stamps, post-cards, sport cards, etc.
28. Nature Collection: Leaves, shells, flowers,insects, etc
29. Theme-based hobbies

30. Model from scratch (no kit/Lego)
31. Model from scratch (unconventional material, e.g. pasta, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, etc.)
32. Model from kit (no Lego)
33. Model from kit (under 6 years – Lego permitted) – M-only
34. Lego design, Original (over 6 years old)

Needle Crafts
35. Crocheting
36. Embroidery, Needlepoint, Plastic Canvas
37. Knitting (any kind, e.g., spool, on needles)
38. Quilting (Hand or Machine), Textile, Appliqué
39. Sewing (Hand or Machine)
40. Theme-based needle craft: “Roots & Shoots”

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