Our History

105 Years Young

1900 – 1910

Since 1919, the Fall Fair has been a proud part of the Peachland community. Join us as we look back at 100 years of key moments that have made the Fall Fair what it is today.

The First Peachland Fall Fair and Flower Show was held on October 9, 1919 at ‘Orange Hall’ on Second Street sponsored by the Peachland Women’s Institute and the Farmer’s Institute.

1920 – 1930 – 1940

Packed fruit became a popular item of competition. Local packing houses and individual farmers competed very vigorously against each other for the top spot. 

1950 – 1960

After WWII, the Women’s Institute continued as sponsors and local organizations took a more active role in the Fair. Trophies were donated and some of these trophies are still awarded today.

1970 – 1980 – 1990
Popularity of the event became such that the Women’s Institute could no longer be solely responsible for the Fair, and thus, the Fall Fair Committee was formed.
2000 – 2023
The Peachland Fall Fair is going strong for over 100 years, inspiring the next generation of Blue Ribbon winners.